I have only positive reviews of this company. Heater that my partner and friend also has. Looking forward to a cold but warming autumn / winter. And where the contact with the company just went smoothly with everything I had to ask about.

Stig-Åke / Sweden

I bought this heater a month ago now and i installed it as fast as i got it in my Ford Fourwind -93. I live permanently in my car and i have used it to heat the hot water tank. The heater has been running for 23 days faultlessly and i am very satisfied. its getting cold here in Løkken, Denmark and im looking forward to winter.

William / Denmark

Water based floor heating in a off-grid cabin is pretty cool. 7 business days shipping to the Netherlands,

Sam / Netherlands


490.00 kr inkl. moms
1390.00 kr1890.00 kr inkl. moms
2590.00 kr inkl. moms
299.00 kr inkl. moms
5990.00 kr6490.00 kr inkl. moms
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129.00 kr inkl. moms